Banner image showing the dental chair and some of the dental equipment.


Portrait image of the dental surgeon, Tatiana Fragou, sitting in her surgery.

The Dentist

General Dentist
Tatiana Fragou
Graduate of the State University of Lviv Danilo Hališki, Ukraine 2010.
(a recognised diploma from Hellenic NARIC in 2011)
Continuous training in specialised programs, attendance of seminars and Hellenic dental conferences.

My Philosophy

Everyone is unique in their concerns, motives and goals, and I am glad to have the opportunity to hear them and make sure their dental needs are met. My goal is to tailor the treatment to each person in a comfortable care setting. Visiting the dentist can be a discouraging experience, so I'm trying to create an environment where my patients can feel comfortable. It rewards me when the patients leave my office with a more joyful, beautiful and healthy smile. My rationale for treating patients is the least possible intervention to achieve the maximum possible effect. Respect for the hard tissues (teeth and jaws), but also for the soft tissues (gums) and the avoidance of excessive or unnecessary therapies that afflict the patient and exacerbate them mentally and economically with many doubtful benefits.

Dental Clinic

My dental clinic in Porto Heli is housed in a modern and pleasant area, equipped with modern machines. High hygiene standards are applied with modern methods of sterilisation and disinfection, placing above all the safety and health of patients.

The principles that govern my office are:

  • Excellent quality
  • Speed
  • Minimum cost for the desired result
  • Minimal inconvenience
  • Painless treatment

My business was funded by the European Union through the 2014-2020 “Self-Employment Higher Education Graduate Programme”.

Through this programme, I have updated my dental equipment with the latest technology, mainly for the purpose of endodontic treatment (root canal) and digital radiography. I also attended specialised seminars on endodontic treatment and cosmetic dentistry, which provided new bases for the better treatment of my patients.

Image of the dental clinic examination chair and equipment.