Banner image showing the dental chair and some of the dental equipment.



Image of a model tooth being drilled during endodontic treatment.

Maintaining natural teeth even when the pulp (nerve) is infected is a top priority and is performed with very high success rates. When germs have eroded the dental tissues to such an extent as to infect the pulp, then root canal therapy is the chosen solution. During the endodontic treatment (root canal) the contaminated pulp is removed and replaced with biocompatible materials, which supplement the empty root canal resulting from the treatment. If the contaminated pulp is not removed, besides unbearable pain, the patient can get a secondary infection of the periodontal tissues (jaw) potentially leading to an abscess forming.

Modern endodontic treatment is performed painlessly with nickel-titanium motorised and handheld tools, which guarantee rapid, safe and successful treatment, and the roots are sealed according to the latest System-B techniques where required.