Banner image showing the dental chair and some of the dental equipment.



Image showing before and after images of bleaching. The teeth before are yellow and after bleaching they are white.

Cosmetic dentistry is the set of therapies that are performed to achieve a truly impressive smile beyond the limits of classical dentistry.


The whitening of teeth can be done in two ways:

  1. At the clinic in one or two sessions with the help of a bleach that acts on its own. This method gives immediate results but less intensive than whitening with a mould (see below).
  2. At home, usually during the night, with the use of moulds that hold the bleach in contact with the teeth, for a period of 8 to 10 nights. The moulds are made fit the teeth of the patient perfectly.


Veneers are placed on the front teeth in order to correct various aesthetic problems such as: non-aesthetic gaps, tooth fractures, dyschromia’s (discolouration), unevenness, and almost all kinds of aesthetic problems, giving a healthy and shining smile, that can be, if wanted, much whiter than before. For the placement of the veneers a relatively slight "grinding" of the front surface of the teeth is required and can be completed in either one visit if the veneer is resin or in two or three visits if it is porcelain.

ALLCERAMIC CROWNS – e max - zirconia

These are crowns that do not have a metal frame such as in conventional metallic ceramic cases, but consist of solid ceramic material which allows us to achieve absolute aesthetic performance. When high strength is required, i.e. there are large gaps between supporting teeth, etc., the construction is reinforced with a ceramic zirconia frame.


Sometimes the painless and safe removal of a small part of the enamel allows us to quickly achieve a much more natural appearance by eliminating small distortions.